Future Projects

Some Projects Remain Part of Future Plans

One of the items of infrastructure that remain key for the future in the Downtown Development Authority plan is the expansion of the street lighting system from the stop light at Lake Street to approximately Watson Street. With the lights in place from the stop light eastward in 1994, the clear lack of lighting westward was quite apparent once all the old electrical poles and lights were removed with the reconstruction of Michigan Avenue.

With the first segement of lighting installed at a cost of $50,000, the second segment going westward from the light will likely cost a similar amount and financing remains the key challenge. However, this project remains in the sight of the DDA Board Members and will ultimately be the last of the projects which are actually considered as part of the infrastructure of the Village downtown area.


Downtown Parking Strategies for the Future

A plan to provide designated parking for the Events Park Pavilion and increase the overall number of parking spaces in the downtown district has been identified on Brown Street. This plan requires approval from MDOT to move the ornamental fence that acts as a barrier to the railroad tracks 25 feet to the south. This would provide the necessary space to construct approximately 20 parking spaces. A diagram of the proposed site plan is shown below. Initial costs to complete this project would be $75,000. Our goal is to gain site approval from MDOT this spring and complete construction for next year's sesquicentennial.  

Brown Street Parking Plan Diagram