Tax Increment Financing Plans

The Village of Grass Lake Downtown Development Authority (DDA), established a Tax Increment Finance Plan (TIF), in 1990 to establish a plan for utilizing the funding available through property tax increases over the first 25 years of its inception and creation. Part I below lays out the direction of the plan in the initial and what it would take over that 25 years to implement many of the projects in that plan. Near the end of that 25 year plan, the DDA reviewed its progress over the years to examine the need for expanding the TIF plan for an additional 25 years and did so in a resolution of the Village Council to continue the operations of the DDA.

Accordingly, the link below will take you to the individual plans with Part I being the initial plan, and Part II, being a review of the initial plan, the work that was completed over the first 25 years, and the projects that may have not been completed, or, needed to be expanded. Thus, Part II is the amendment of the plan going forward for the next 25 years.

Part I - Tax Increment Finance Plan - The First 25 years

Part II - Tax Increment Finance Plan - The Next 25 years

Net Position 2018/19

2019 TIF District PA 57 Report