Activity Central


Outside of Grass Lake Community Schools and its facilities, there tends to be one location that absorbs the impact of community social and cultural events. Whether it’s the annual Classic Car Show, the annual Heritage Day event, the Traffic Jam’in, the 4th of July, or the Christmas Open House, that activity tends to be centered on the streets of downtown usually encompassing a closing of a section of street, or four blocks of Michigan Avenue from Brown Street to Clark Street.

At the center of attention downtown, and many of those closings, lies Whistlestop Park and the historically restored Michigan Central Railroad Depot. Indeed, the Depot became a focal point of community activity as it arose from its frame of stone to a finished reproduction in the early 1990’s. From its inviting gardens to its quaint park and gazebo, it makes for a thoroughly enjoyable stop in the center of downtown.

At the opposite end of Michigan Avenue lies the Coe House Museum. Maintained by the Grass Lake Area Historical Society, the Coe House provides a look back to a time when the home was owned by the Detroit, Jackson and Chicago Railway Corporation and carries a number of artifacts and historical antiques accumulated over the years.

Aside from the historic Depot and Coe House Museum, the downtown of Grass Lake hosts several historic buildings of various architectural styles from the 1800’s and on. Stop in at one of the key events during the year to take in the happenings on the street as well as the beauty of a multitude of historic structures.